Proven Moto offers a variety of motorcycle services that can be tailored specially to your riding or racing needs.  Our goal is to provide a quality service that will make you choose Proven Moto as your personal Race Shop.

Proven Moto is committed to providing you a customized & personalized service. Packages can be built for all riders and budgets; from casual riders to pro level racers.  There are many shipping options for your project as well, so regardless of your location, we can be of service to you.

Because every rider has different needs, and use a variety of components on their motorcycles, we prefer to give individual quotes.  Our services are listed below, however please drop by the shop, give Matt a call or send him an email to discuss all the details of your future motorcycle or engine build!


Proven Moto has been fortunate to work with many amazing racers since opening our doors in January and the list continues to grow.  Here are some riders that you may be familiar with:

Landen Powell – Pro Supercross/Motocross – UT
Team Rocky Mountain MC’s Bracken Hall – Pro Supercross/Motocross – WY
Team Rocky Mountain MC’s Kyle Partridge – Pro Supercross/Motocross – NV
Colby Sorensen – Pro Motocross – UT
Derek Kelley – Motocross – CA
Joe Sim – Desert Racing – UT
Chris Plouffe – Pro Motocross – CA
Justin Kopcak – Pro Supercross/Motocross – TX
Tanner Bisco – Motocross – UT
Damon Back – Motocross – UT
Travis Whitlock – Pro Hillclimb – UT
Brandon Whitlock – Pro Hillclimb – UT
Austin Walton – Motocross – NV
Dalton Oxborrough – Pro Arenacross – UT
Luke Reardon – Pro Motocross – CA
Brandon Ritz – Motocross – NV
Cole Barbieri – Motocross – CA
Gray Davenport – Pro Arenacross – UT
Alec Mellick – Motocross – TX
Chris Blose – Pro Supercross/Arenacross – AZ
Jayce Cannon – Motocross minis – UT
Team Honda Canada GDR’s Colton Facciotti – Pro Motocross – Canada
Team Honda Canada GDR’s Jeremy Medaglia – Pro Motocross – Canada
Team Honda Canada GDR’s Westen Wroznya – Pro Motocross – Canada
Team Honda Canada GDR’s Kyle Keast – Pro Motocross – Canada

Team’s Tommy Hahn – Pro Supercross/Motocross – TX
Team’s Fredrik Noren – Pro Supercross/Motocross – CA
Team’s Colton Nichols – Pro Supercross/Motocross – OK
Team’s Kyle Peters – Pro Supercross/Motocross – OK
Team’s Chase Marquier – Pro Supercross/Motocross – OK
Team 5150 Energy’s Jake Canada – Pro Supercross – CA
Todd Krieg – Pro Supercross – OH
Harley Meryhew – Motocross – UT
Gus Butters – Pro Arenacross – UT
JJ Pauk – Pro Supercross/Motocross – TX
Vann Martin – Pro Supercross – TX
Blake Savage – Pro Motocross – Canada
Kyle Swanson – Pro Motocross – Canada
Liam Weiss – Motocross – Canada
Mike Sleeter – Pro Motocross – CA
Weston Daley – Motocross – UT
Dallen Daley – Motocross minis – UT
Daxton Daley – Motocross minis – UT
Benjamin Harris – AM Arenacross – CO
Brandon Leith – Pro Motocross – UT
Jaxon Bogh – Motocross – UT
Cole Zitterkopf – Pro motocross – CO
David Kendall – Pro Hillclimb – WY
Lane Shaw – Motocross – TX
Jordan Lake – Pro Arenacross – UT


Matt has spent countless hours researching, developing and fine-tuning race engines; it is a true art form.  There is so much more to engine construction than bolting on a handful of aftermarket parts. His engines have achieved multiple race holeshots, podium finishes and wins!  Matt is continuing to work with the engine component manufactures that helped bring him his great success so Proven Moto is sure to produce powerful, capable and reliable engines.  Each Proven Moto built engine is measured, disassembled, cleaned, surface finished and inspected prior to re-assembly.  Critical engine measurements such as compression ratio, deck height, piston to valve clearance, cam timing etc are part of every engine construction.

Engine packages can be built to service any need, from stock component rebuilds to professional level racing engines.

Please note: Proven Moto can develop any motorcycle manufacturer’s engine.  Only the engine is needed for this service and may be shipped to Proven Moto if preferred.

Services and components Proven Moto can provide to you:

::Cylinder head porting
::Valve seat service
::Custom machining
::Custom crank work
::Forged connecting rods
::Transmission REM isotropic super finishing, and more.

::High compression pistons
::Race cam shafts
::Valve spring kits
::Exhaust systems
::Programable ECU’s and ignitions


Matt Jory has worked with some of the top professional racers in the world over the last 10 years, whom expected and required the highest level of effort and quality from him.  With this experience and Matt’s meticulous, detailed and organized way, Proven Moto is guaranteed to produce a true race-ready machine.

Suspension services and aftermarket components can be supplied through Proven Moto at great prices.  From handle bars and grips to triple clamps and tires…. Proven Moto can provide it all.

Please note: the complete motorcycle would need to be at Proven Moto for this service.


Proven Moto has a custom built dyno cell with a Dynojet 250i Dynamometer on site and is a certified Dynojet Tuning Center.  Matt has been a dyno operator for many years and can produce great results with the tuning and testing capability this tool offers.  See the proof and compare results from the engine modifications and tuning we provide.

Please note: the complete motorcycle is preferable for this service however it may not be required.  Call or email for details.


ECU/EFI tuning and ignition remapping is an essential part of your motorcycles performance results.  Matt knows the importance of this, so he has equipped PROVENmoto to have the tuning ability necessary to make your engine run as it should.  Crisp, clean power by achieving target air/fuel ratios is the goal with all ECU tuning.

Please note: ECU tuning on bike is ideal although, just your ECU can be sent to PROVENmoto for tuning and remapping.  Call or email for details.


Let Proven Moto carry out the general service and repair on your motorcycle.  From street bikes and dirt bikes to Harleys and cruisers, Matt has worked on them all.  Bring your bike to Proven Moto for the experienced touch.


Matt Jory has been around the professional racing scene for over a decade and has immense knowledge of the sport.  Getting into racing is one thing, however taking it to the professional level is a whole other story and there is definitely a technique to follow.  Most professional race teams do not have the time to discuss the steps to follow, yet they are the guys that have the information.  Well, this is Matt’s background so if you need some coaching or guidance, please give us a call.

Please note: Fees will be incurred for this service if no other services are included.